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The History Behind the CFS

In 1996 a Connecticut drycleaner purchased a portable drapery cleaning system to enhance his drycleaning business and give his customers the convenience of cleaning their drapes without having to remove them from the window. What he soon found out was, due to the variety of window coverings that cannot be removed for cleaning, there was a tremendous need for these services. With very little training and no support on how to clean these items, the industrious drycleaner developed very specific cleaning processes for each one of these new coverings he was facing. A couple of years later he started to share these techniques with the company he purchased the equipment from and soon began consulting with others who bought equipment and needed his assistance.

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Certification Training & Support

All of the independent cleaners who are part of the Certified Fabricare Specialist program are required to go through their basic certification training program at OnSite Fabricare's state of the art training facility. The emphasis throughout the training, and beyond, is quality and professionalism. The instructor for the training has been cleaning all types of blinds and draperies since early part of this century. The certification training is a practical two day blend of hands-on and interactive classroom sessions where the attendees become familiar with the best procedures for cleaning all styles of high end window coverings, including the full line of Hunter Douglas Window Fashions and other major brands.

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What You Can Expect

Quality & Professionalism!

From day one, all CFS members are taught that quality and professionalism is first and foremost and should not be an afterthought. This group of professional cleaners was built on this philosophy and adheres to a strict code of ethics that we stand by.

During your first contact with a certified company, don’t be surprised if they immediately want to set an appointment for an onsite estimate. The first thing that the specialist will want to do is to pre-qualify whether you should have your window coverings cleaned or replaced. Due to the environment in each home being different, as well as each window, the fabrics may not have the ability to be cleaned. A thorough pre-inspection will be done to look for any pre-existing conditions such as tears and spots, and they will also factor in the type of fabric as well as the age to determine if the fabric can be cleaned. A written pre-inspection report will be filled out with a list of deficiencies that are found, if any, and then discussed with you so you may make the appropriate decision whether to clean or replace them. It is important to understand that the specialist wants to do their best to meet your expectation and does not want to clean a fabric that has met its life expectancy or could be damaged by further servicing. The mentality they own is, their first concern is for the welfare of your fabric.

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